Vol 10, No 3 (2018)

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Sentiment Analysis On Twitter Using Dynamic Fuzzy Approach PDF
S. Indhu, S. R. Lavanya 53-56
A Hybrid Fuzzy C-Means Clustering with Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm Optimization for Data Mining with Cascade RMC-FSVM PDF
A. Shanmugapriya, Dr. N. Tajunisha 57-63
Wireless Robot Interaction Based On Gesture Identification PDF
Hardik Modi, Vaibhav Joshi, Vir Soni, Neel Kansara, Himanshu Patel 64-67
Fingerprint Based Vehicle Ignition System PDF
Himanshu Patel, Hardik Modi 68-72
Motion Based Home Automation System PDF
Himanshu Patel, Hardik Modi 73-77
Real Time Implementation of Fuzzy Based PID Controller Tuning for Continuous Stirred Tank Heater (CSTH) Process PDF
A V Divya Priya, G. M. TamilSelvan, T Rajesh 78-81

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