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An Improved Dynamic Data Replica Selection and Placement in Hybrid Cloud

A. Rajalakshmi, D. Vijayakumar, Dr.K.G. Srinivasagan


Cloud computing platform is getting more and more attentions as a new trend of data management. Data replication has been widely used to speed up data access in cloud. Replica selection and placement are the major issues in replication. In this paper we propose an approach for dynamic data replication in cloud. A replica management system allows users to create, register and manage replicas and update the replicas if the original datasets are modified. The proposed work concentrates on designing an algorithm for suitable optimal replica selection and placement to increase availability of data in the cloud. The method consists of two main phases file application and replication operation. The first phase contains the replica location and creation by using catalog and index. In second phase is used to find whether there is enough space in the destination to store the requested file or not. Replication aims to increase availability of resources, minimum access cost, shared bandwidth consumption and delay time by replicating data. The proposed systems developed under the Eucalyptus cloud environment. The results of proposed replica selection algorithm achieve better accessibility compared with other methods.


Hash Key, Replication, Optimal Selection, Eucalyptus, Hybrid Cloud, Catalog, Virtual Synchrony. State Transition.

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