Vol 6, No 3 (2014)

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Dynamic Traffic Splitting in a Multi-Radio Multi-hop Network PDF
K. Kiran, Nazima Begum, R. Ramya, Abhishek Alfred Singh, P. Deepa Shenoy, K.R. Venugopal, Lalit M Patnaik 85-92
Chat Server: Implementation of Chat Notification to a Mobile through Communication Network PDF
S. Dhivyabharathi, S. Sarathi, P. Vasanthapriya 93-96
An Instantaneous Power Saving Method in Ship Detection with Wireless Sensor Network PDF
Dr. R. Ravichandran, N. Meena 97-102
Privacy Maintaining Location Supervising System for 3D Space in WSN PDF
B.N. Jagdale, Dr.J.W. Bakal 103-107
A Low Noise Figure LNA Design and Simulation for Ultra-wideband Communication PDF
S. Vasantha 108-111
An Improved Dynamic Data Replica Selection and Placement in Hybrid Cloud PDF
A. Rajalakshmi, D. Vijayakumar, Dr.K.G. Srinivasagan 112-117
An Efficient Distributed Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm for Private Cloud Environment PDF
G. Suryadevi, D. Vijayakumar, R. SabariMuthuKumar 118-123
An Efficient Dynamic Indexing and Metadata Model for Storage in Cloud Environment PDF
S. Anjanadevi, D. Vijayakumar 124-129
Improved Grover’s Searching Algorithm for Efficient Routing Design in MANETS PDF
V. Rekha, J. Nandhini, M. Subahanal Nuzrath 130-135

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