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An Efficient Reliable Protocol in AD-Hoc Network Using A Cross Layer Approach via TCP

R. Thamizhamuthu, G. Ilanchezhia Pandian, Dr.P. Sheik Abdul Khader


Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETS) operate in highly dynamic environments with limited resources. Due to ever-changing network topology and unreliable wireless channels the performance of the Ad-hoc network is poor. A key challenge is to create a mechanism that can provide good delivery performance and high quality of service in network. The key components of the approach include a cross layer design to improve information sharing between the different protocol layers. In order to improve the performance of MANET, it is planned to implement the cross-layer mechanism from data link layer to the routing layer which can improve the performance of mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) routing protocols. It involves allowing the MAC layer of mobile node to learn of the route layer to MAC address mapping of nodes from destination that it receives. This mechanism may improve the reliable transport using the TCP protocol. Simulation of this work is carried out in NS2.


MANETS, Cross-Layer, Route Failure

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