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Developing an Effective Computational Cluster using a Novel Job Distribution Tool

N. Balaji, Dr. N. Ramaraj, C. Dhanasekaran


The aim of our paper is to develop a tool for creating performance effective computational cluster called TCE (TCE Cluster Engine) tool using JAVA RMI. The Installation of TCE is very simple and easy to launch when compared with the existing tools. The batch jobs and their input data are given to the cluster environment for execution. Finally the result from the execution node will be sent back to the user specified location. Since the incoming batch jobs are distributed in the cluster, thereby distributing the load among several machines in order to increase the throughput of the system. By deploying an application in the created cluster, the performance of TCE is evaluated.


Cluster computing, Job distribution, Remote Method Invocation, Resource management, Throughput, job allocation, Queue manager, Linux cluster, Batch job, job scheduler.

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