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Development and Implementation of Mobile Augmented Reality Systems Application (Live Streaming through Mobile)

K. H. Wandra, Dr. Ketan Kotecha


Augmented Reality (AR), the computer systems that combine the real and the virtual in order to assist users in interacting with their physical environments are called Augmented Reality Systems. Augmented Reality and mobile computing are often mentioned together, as many mobile computing platforms rely on some kind of head-up or head-mounted display to provide continuous access to information, often coupled with hands-free operation. The ultimate goal is to make the mobile computer a part of the user’s normal daily life. Augmented Reality as a user interface for mobile computing is particularly powerful when the computer has access to information on location and situation, so it can provide contextual information. This paper examines the challenges that to develop an algorithm and implementation for MARS Application (Live streaming through Mobile)    on mobile platform


Augmented Reality (AR), Mobile Augmented Reality System(MARS), GSM/GPRS, UMTS, Wi-Fi and WiBro Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME), Mobile Information Device Profile(MIDP)

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