Vol 2, No 7 (2010)

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N Level Unicode Position Character Length Cipher for Securing Smart Card PDF
Dr. P. Vijayakumar, M. Palanivelu, M. Latha Karthigaa, N. Balachandar, M. Karthi 153-158
An Efficient Minimum-process Checkpointing Scheme for Non-Deterministic Mobile Distributed Systems PDF
Parveen Kumar, Preeti Gupta, Anil Kumar Solanki 159-166
An Empirical Study of Replication Algorithms in Content Distribution Networks PDF
J. Amutharaj, S. Radhakrishnan 167-174
Advanced Intrusion Detection and Prevention System with Rule Based Mining Techniques and using Prevention Policies over an Internet PDF
P.S. Revankar, A.B. Pawar 175-187
A Frame work for Code Injection Attack Investigation in Windows Environment PDF
Deepak Singh Tomar, J.L. Rana, S.C. Shrivastava 188-194
Comparison of Wavelengths for Various Atmospheric Effects on FSO Link – A Comprehensive Study of Atmospheric Turbulence, Attenuation & Scattering, and Spatial & Temporal Detection Techniques PDF
A. Jabeena, Sandeep Gottipati, K. Mishra 195-201
Development and Implementation of Mobile Augmented Reality Systems Application (Live Streaming through Mobile) PDF
K. H. Wandra, Dr. Ketan Kotecha 202-205
A Survey on Various Aspects of Quantum Cryptography PDF
R.K. Pateriya, Dr.J.L. Rana, Anupriya Gupta 206-212
Scalable Energy Efficient Ad-Hoc on Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol PDF
Mandhir Kaur, Jasbir Singh Saini, Prabhneet Kaur 213-219

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