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Scalable Energy Efficient Ad-Hoc on Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol

Mandhir Kaur, Jasbir Singh Saini, Prabhneet Kaur


The Ad-Hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol is one of several published routing protocols for mobile ad-hoc networking. Wireless ad-hoc routing protocols such as AODV are currently an area of much research among the networking community. The SEE-Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol is designed for use in ad hoc mobile networks. Because of the difficulty of testing an ad hoc routing protocol in a real-world environment, a simulation is first created so that the protocol design could be tested in a variety of scenarios. Since one of the goals is scalability, we have tried to implement an expanding ring search algorithm to limit the flood of RREQ messages. Energy efficiency is a critical issue for battery-powered mobile devices in ad hoc networks and routing based on energy related parameters is used to extend the network lifetime. In this dissertation two techniques have been applied to improve the performance of existing AODV protocol in wireless mesh networks. By applying Clustering and Blocking Expanding Ring Search (BERS) techniques we have tried to improve the scalability of existing AODV and to make it energy efficient.


Clustering, Expanding Ring Search, Scalability, Wireless Mesh Network

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