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Analysis of MANET for Different Mobility Models using Four Ray Propagation Model

N. S. Samshette, A. D. Bhoi, Dr. R. D. Kharadkar


Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a set of mobile nodes forming a temporary network without any centralized control or established infrastructure.  There are no fixed routers or fixed locations in MANET. The performance of MANET depends upon propagation model, mobility and routing mechanism. Therefore, in this paper the performance analysis of Ad hoc network is carried out for different mobility models such as Random Walk, Random Waypoint, Random Direction, Gauss Markov, and Manhattan Grid based on four ray ground propagation model. Simulation is carried out using network simulator NS 2.32 and its associated tools. The comparison of parameters is done in terms of throughput, end to end delay and packet delivery fraction.


MANET, Mobility, Mobility Models, Propagation Models, Routing Protocols,

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