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Security in Mobile Grid Systems: A Review

Grantej Otari, Vijay Ghorpadeb


A Grid system has the ability to organize resources not included under subject of centralized domain, utilize open standard protocols and interfaces and supply high quality of service. Grid mobility appears as a technology to facilitate the accomplishment of requirements for Grid jobs as well as Grid users. The idea behind this depends on migrating or relocating jobs, data and application software among Grid nodes. However making use of mobility technology leads to data confidentiality problems within the Grid. Data confidentiality means protection of data from intruders’ attacks. It can be addressed by limiting the mobility to trusted parts of the Grid. Mobility technology increases the need for a tool to organize and enforce policies during its application. To date, not enough attention has been paid towards security aspects in mobile environment. Hence in this research paper we have reviewed different security systems in grid environment and identified the security solutions from the mobile grid perspective.


Grid Computing, Mobile Computing, Trust Management.

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