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Security Issues in Wireless Sensor Network and Healthcare Related Applications

P. Anushree, N.G. Harish Kumar, Dr. S. Sarathambekai


Sensors play a major role in today’s world. They play a tremendous role in all the gadgets we use today. Earlier sensors were used to monitor environmental conditions but now with the recent technological advancements the sensors size has been minimized and its efficiency has been increased greatly and thus becoming a part of human body as well. Sensors play a big role in applications in Internet of Things (IoT) especially in the field of medicine. Nano Sensors are injected into human body and were used to monitor critical areas of human body which are hardly accessible.  Security is one important measures while transmission of data in Wireless Sensor Communication (WSN). Sensors are prone to a lot of threats and hacks. In Healthcare, data security has to be taken into consideration while transmission of medical data. Some of the security issues related to WSN and security in healthcare applications are dealt in this paper.


WSN, WBAN, WPAN, IoT, Network Security, Healthcare

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