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Secured Data Transmission by Blowfish Algorithm using OFDM

T.S. Murugesh, B. Balraj


The data communication is highly essential in the military field and especially critical during Battles. This research is aimed to protect any confidential data from any unauthorized persons and also aims at delivering a cost effective solution for the much needed data security. The PC encrypts the given text data into pseudo-random noise sequence using OFDM and Blowfish Algorithm. The communication takes place through a wireless RF transmitter and receiver module operating at a frequency 433.92 MHz. At the receiving end PIC Microcontroller is used to decrypt the received data into original text data. Once the information is received the alarm sounds indicating reception of message. Only upon proper authentication, one is allowed to view the data in an available LCD display. This work is tested to operate at a maximum range of 40 km and it also penetrates through any obstructions such as trees, walls, etc., this system is also equipped for a secured data transmission. In order to protect the data from unauthorized persons, if the four digit password is entered wrongly thrice, on the next entry of the password even though if it is correct, the particular data received will be erased. Data communication will have to continue afresh for any further data reception.


OFDM,Blowfish,A Pseudo-random Noise (PN).

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