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Extended B.A.T.M.A.N- A Novel Approach with Node Stability for Reliable Transmission in MANETS

R. Jeeva


BATMAN is one of the recent methodologies in the MANET which select the nodes for transmission on the basis of receiver originated messages. But there are other parameters to be considered in selecting nodes during transmission especially in cluster network. Cluster heads have to be more stable than other nodes so that they can manage other nodes in the cluster. But it can’t be selected by BATMAN algorithm. In our system, we are partitioning the nodes equally under cluster heads to ensure optimal manageability without exceeding the threshold value. Cluster heads are selected based on node stability that has been calculated for every N cycle. Transmission between the nodes with in a cluster will be done through cluster heads to conserve energy of remaining nodes. In case of outlier nodes with in a cluster, transmission parameters will take the BATMAN approach into account to provide reliable transmission.


Node Stability, Outlier Nodes

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