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Implementation of Layer Cluster Based Routing (LCR) using Ad hoc On-demand Multipath Distance Vector (AOMDV)

N. Nithya, R. Maruthaveni


A new on-demand multipath protocol is proposed for Multipath Routing is called ad hoc on-demand multipath distance vector (AOMDV). AOMDV is based on a prominent and well-studied on-demand single path protocol known as ad hoc on-demand distance vector (AODV). AOMDV extends the AODV protocol to discover multiple paths between the source and the destination in every route discovery. Some of the specific challenges stemming from the ad hoc network are mobility and energy constraints. These intrinsic characteristics make the network management, routing and various networking related tasks more sophisticated. In fact, the most targeted MANET applications are based on collaborative computing where mobile hosts may be involved in team collaborations. Further, as network size increases, communication costs tend to consume a larger proportion of the limited bandwidth. Among the solutions proposed for scaling down large-sized networks, network clustering is one of the most investigated approaches. The basic idea is to select the appropriate nodes able to support additional tasks, so that routing and group communication protocols can be implemented efficiently on top of this virtual backbone. In this context, we propose an enhanced version of LCR (Layered Cluster-based Routing), a hierarchical routing protocol designed for dense and large scale networks. The key feature in this approach is the direction mechanism which limits the area concerned by establishment and maintenance of routes, and consequently reducing the number of dominating nodes involved in routing tasks. Conducted simulations on different scenarios highlight its ability to decrease the energy consumption and wasted bandwidth resources used for routing tasks.


Hierarchical Routing, Clustering, Ad Hoc Networks, Layered Cluster-Based Routing, AODV and AOMDV

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