Vol 4, No 7 (2012)

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A New Cluster based Protocol for Wireless Sensor Actor Network PDF
R. Senthil Kumaran, P. Paruthi IlamVazthuthi 361-365
Enhancement of Security and Congestion Adaptiveness in Dynamic Source Routing Protocol PDF
M. Kaliappan, Dr.B. Paramasivan Paramasivan, K. Mohaideen Pitchai, M. Bhuvaneswari 366-370
Cluster-based Adaptive Fault Tolerant QoS Routing Algorithm for Wireless Networks PDF
S.A. Hafsa, R. Poornima 371-376
Secure Low Cost FPGA-based AMI System using LTE Technology PDF
M.M. Abutaleb, A.M. Allam 377-383
A Novel Approach Scheduling for Buffered Crossbar Switch PDF
C. Sindhu 384-388
On Power Consumption of Different FTTH Access Networks PDF
Deepti Punjabi, Dr. Neena Gupta 389-392
Design of LDPC Encoder and Decoder for 40 Gb/s Optical Communication Systems PDF
Prabhmandeep Kaur, Divya Dhawan 393-396
Improving the Performance of Resource Selection in Grid Environment Using Job Categorization PDF
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Bawa, Gaurav Sharma 397-401
ERAF – Extensive Reputed ARAN using Fuzzy Logic PDF
R. Sudha, Dr. D. Sivakumar 402-408
Real-Time Task Scheduling for the Performance Evaluation of Distributed Systems PDF
Sagar Gulati, Kamal Deep, Anish Soni 409-415
Survey on Mobile Cloud Media Computing Applications PDF
S. Durga 416-420
Particular Case of Blowfish Algorithm PDF
K. Sai Prasanthi, Chandra Sekhar Maganty, K. Sai Sruthi 421-426
BER Analysis of Wireless Optical CDMA LAN Using Prime Codes and Extended Prime Codes PDF
R. Kanmani, Dr.K. Sankaranarayanan 427-433
Towards Digital Quality Power to the Nines PDF
Dr.K.M. Valsamma 434-443

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