Vol 2, No 9 (2010)

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Optimal Solution for Finding Secured Routes in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks PDF
R. P. Shyni Vinse, K. John Singh, Dr. R. Manimegalai 281-285
Measuring Sustainable Development: Theory and Application PDF
Dr. Joshua O. Miluwi 286-290
Data Model Framework for Intruder Information Sharing in Sensor Networks PDF
K. Venkatesh Sharma, K. Hanumantha Rao, Vannoj Ravikumar 291-300
An Effective Anomaly Intrusion Detection Using Statistical Change Point Detection PDF
M. Thangavel, Dr. P. Thangaraj 301-307
Importance of IDPF to Avoid DDoS Attacks PDF
CH. Srikar, K. Hanumantha Rao, K. Venkatesh Sharma 308-318
Comparison of M/M/1 and M/M(A,B)/1 Markov Models Using Matlab to Find Performance of Wired and Wireless Technologies in Client Server Applications by Applying Cryptography and Steganography PDF
V. B. Kirubanand, Dr. S. Palaniammal 319-322
Security Enhancement of Multimedia System by Means of Novel Multiple Huffman Tables Approach PDF
P. Raveendra Babu, V. Praveen Kumar, M. Samuel John, J. Ranga Rao 323-327
Dynamic Routing with Security Considerations PDF
K. Venkatesh Sharma, K. Hanumantha Rao, B. Satish Kumar 328-337
Mitigating Denial-of-Service Attacks on the Chord Overlay Network: A Location Hiding Approach PDF
K. Venkatesh Sharma, K. Hanumantha Rao, K. Ramu 338-354
Enhancing Peer to Peer Performance Using Sandwich Methodology PDF
M. Sadish Sendil, Dr. N. Nagarajan 355-358
Measurement of Denial of Service Attacks Using New Metrics PDF
P. Kavithapandian, S. Muthukumar, Dr. Kannan Balasubramanian 359-364
LSB and DCT Based Steganography in Safe Message Routing and Delivery for Structured Peer-To-Peer Systems PDF
G. Satyavathy, M. Punithavalli 365-369

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