Vol 2, No 11 (2010)

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Deploying Modified Hash Based Message Authentication Code HMAC in MATLAB Using GUI Controls PDF
B. Sridevi, Dr.S. Rajaram 437-443
A New Approach to Telugu Text Steganography by Shifting Inherent Vowel Signs PDF
Sravani Alameti, Sake Pothalaiah, Dr.K Ashok Babu 444-448
UDP based Analysis of Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Protocol in MANET PDF
Annapurna Singh, Mishra Shailendra 449-452
Design and Optimization of Multi-Band 3.1-4.8GHz VCO for UWB Communication System PDF
D. Ben Issa, M. Samet, A. Kachouri 453-460
Performance Evaluation of MNEWQUE over Conventional AQM Schemes PDF
S. Sheeja, K. Kavitha 461-465
Comparison of ARQ and Adaptive FEC Error Control Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
M.R. Ebenezar Jebarani, T. Jayanthy 466-470
An Optimized Global Synchronization on SDDCN PDF
T. Santha, M. Sharanya 471-475
Providing Usage of Electronic Resources and Internet Services Offered By Tamil Nadu the Self Finance Engineering Colleges: With Special Reference to Villupuram District PDF
Dr.V. Ramesh Babu, Dr.M. Nagarajan 476-480
A Paper on Simulation Model for Evaluating the Performance of ATM Network PDF
Neha Neha, Neeru Malhotra 481-486
A Novel Approach for Detecting and Preventing Cross Site Scripting and HTTP Parameter Pollution Using Reverse Proxy PDF
K. SyamaSundara Rao, V. Saritha, G. Lalitha Kumari, Y. Surekha 487-491
Study and Investigation of Performance of Reactive and Proactive Protocols of MANET on the Basis of CBR and TCP Traffic Pattern PDF
Vikas Singla, Parveen Kakkar, Dinesh Kumar 492-499
Implementation and Investigation of AES, DES and Triple DES to Secure MPLS Network PDF
K. Gurpreet, K. Dinesh 500-506
Security-Enhanced Dynamic Routing with Cryptographic Techniques PDF
V. Soumya, MA. Jabbar, T. Nagalakshmi 507-512

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