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Estimation of Object Oriented Metrics and Performance Evaluation

S. Pasupathy, Dr. R. Bhavani


This paper presents the results evaluated from our study on metrics used in object oriented software design strategies. This delivers tool-dependent metrics results and has even implications on the results of analyses based on these metrics results. The process provides a practical, systematic, start-to-finish method of selecting, designing and implementing software metrics. These metrics were evaluated using object oriented metrics tools for the purpose of analyzing quality of the product, encapsulation, inheritance, message passing, polymorphism, reusability and complexity measurement. It defines a ranking of the classes that are most vital note down and maintainability. The results can be of great assistance to quality engineers in selecting the proper set metrics for their software projects and to calculate the metrics, which was developed using a chronological object oriented life cycle process.


Object Oriented Paradigm, Object Oriented Metrics, Data Collection, Software Quality Estimation.

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