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Imparting Integration of Quality Function Deployment and Value Engineering - Case Study

R. Umesh Sundar, Dr.G. Mohan Kumar, Dr.C. Suresh Gnana Dhas


The Integration of Value Engineering into the four stages of Quality Function Deployment would certainly enhance the visualization of decisions pertaining to a part (De-Twister assembly). A “De-Twister assembly” is one of the sub assemblies of Squeezer machine, was selected and the case study was carried out in the above concept. A detailed Value Engineering for De-Twister (43 subassemblies) parts was analyzed and integrated with Quality Function Deployment in order to improve the performance of the product with overall cost reduction in the de-twister subassembly. An attempt has been made in this paper to know the advantages of integration of Value Engineering with the four planning stages of Quality Function Deployment. This experience would be useful for the companies to continuously improve the product performance with cost effective based on customer requirements and to meet the challenges with the competitive firms in the global market.


QFD, Quality Function Deployment & Product Design, Series Integration of QFD & VE, Voice of Customer, Rating and Relationship, Value Engineering, Product Planning Matrix, Part Planning Matrix, Process Planning Matrix, Manufacturing Planning Matrix.

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