Vol 14, No 9 (2022)

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Measuring Students’ Learning and Attitude as Exposed to Microscale Laboratory Experiments in Inorganic Chemistry PDF
Roselle D. Urbano, Herbert M. De Jesus, Ponciano M. Dimla 133-137
Comparative Study of Data Warehouse Modeling Techniques PDF
Atef Raslan, Ahmad Saleh 138-141
A Proposed Approach Using Test Driven Development on Extreme Programming PDF
Atef Raslan, Al-Hussein A. Galal, Ahmad Awwad, Angelo Saber, Demiana Rushdy, Hoda Ali, Rania Magdy 142-146
A Proposed Approach for Evaluating Human Management Systems using GOAL QUESTION METRIC (Cameraman Management System Case Study) PDF
Atef Raslan, Ahmed Nour, Ahmed Samir, Mohamed Fawzy, Mohamed Galal, Mostafa Yousif, Wael Abbas 147-152

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