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Smart Blocks: A Blockchain-Based Medical Platform for Secure Storage of Healthcare Records

Malini M Patil, Rahul Subramanya


Considering the COVID-19 pandemic situation, medical data holds the utmost prominent value. Healthcare data is catching the eye of various cyber-attackers and resulting in a constant need for data security, privacy, confidentiality, and decentralization of electronic medical records. Blockchain is one such technology that helps in data privacy and facilitates data integrity and confidentiality. Blockchain’s distribution and decentralization property act as an asset to the medical system. The main purpose of this research is to build an immutable system for patients to store their medical records without them having to worry about their private information being stolen or lost. We have put forth how our proposed system Smart Blocks is better in terms of Scalability, Ease of Deployment, and Interoperable it is in comparison to other Systems.


Blockchain, Smart Contracts, InterPlanetary File Systems, MetaMask, Solidity, Ganache CLI, Truffle Environmental Suit.

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