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Efficient Code Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Network using Link Quality

Eldho Skaria, George T Vadakkumcheril


Wireless reprogramming is often a vital way of computer software deployment inside Wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Code distribution is a basic foundation to enable wireless reprogramming. We present ECD, an Efficient Code Dissemination protocol. In comparison with preceding functions, ECD possesses about three salient attributes. Very first, the item helps dynamically configurable packet size. By means of escalating the box dimension with regard to large PHY pace radios, the item significantly enhances the transmission efficiency. Next, the item has an exact sender collection criteria in order to abate transmission collisions as well as transmissions around bad links. Third, the item has a simple impact-based back off timer layout in order to lessen some time used inside choosing multiple qualified senders in order that the biggest influence sender is most likely in order to monitor.


Wireless Sensor Network, Code Dissemination, Reprogramming.

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