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Improving MAC Layer Fairness in Multi-Hop and Communication Network for VANET

D.P. Choudhari, Dr.S.S. Dorle


The IEEE 802.11 is a standard for wireless LANS and
wireless multi-hop adhoc networks. But the fact is that the
performance of IEEE 802.11 drops dramatically in terms of
throughput and delay as the network traffic goes up particularly when the station reaches to the saturation state. IEEE 802.11 supports two modes of operation: Distributed Coordination Function (DCF) and Point Coordination Function (PCF).This paper presents the unfairness of IEEE 802.11 protocol when deployed in multi-hop networks scenario. The basic method to access IEEE 802.11 MAC Layer is DCF mode and it is based on CSMA/CA. In this paper we have shown that
by the use of simple distributed algorithm that can be placed in this case to approximate ideal scheduler like round robin so as to provide the fair access to all flows in the network. So from the results of simulation it is clear that this approach proves to be best on the fairness standard. In addition by reducing the number of collisions we have also increased the throughput.


Multi-hop Networks, DCF, Throughput, CSMA/CA

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