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Energy Efficient Routing Algorithms and Performance Comparison for MANET

P. Sivasankar, C. Chellappan, S. Balaji


Mobile Ad hoc networks is a self-configuring infra structureless temporary network of mobile devices connected by wireless links. A major bottleneck in Mobile Ad hoc networks (MANETs) is the energy consumption since nodes are usually mobile and battery operated. This paper proposes an algorithm called Energy Efficient Delay Time Routing (EEDTR) which tries to increase the operational lifetime of Mobile Ad hoc networks. This algorithm is modified version of the existing Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) algorithm. This algorithm select fully distributed routes, thus balancing power consumption of the entire network and introduces a delay in forwarding the packets by nodes, which is inversely proportional to the remaining energy level of the node (EEDTR). The algorithm is designed and implemented using Global Mobile Simulator (GloMoSim), a scalable, simulation environment for network simulation. Based on the results obtained, it is concluded that the algorithm increases the lifetime of mobile ad hoc networks, at the expense of end delay and routing overhead.



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