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Analysis of Different Wireless Communication Technologies

B. Vijayapriya, S. Divyabharathi, N. KaviPriya, V. Gayathri


Wireless communication is one of the most important technology which is contributed by manpower to the world. Using wireless we can transmit the information over a distance without the help of cables. There are more number of wireless communication to transmit data between two devices. In this paper we are going to analyze three different wireless technologies namely, Wi-Fi, Gi-Fi, and Li-Fi. Wi-fi is the better solution for that limitations. Gi-Fi stands for gigabit wireless. Gi-Fi is the world’s first transceiver integrated on a single chip that operates at 60 GHz on the CMOS process. It utilizes 5mm square chip and 1mm wide antenna burning less than 2milli watts of power to transmit data wirelessly over short distances. It allows a full-length high definition movie to be transferred between two devices in seconds. Within five year it will be the dominant technology for wireless networking. Li-Fi stands for Light-Fidelity. Li-Fi provides better bandwidth, efficiency, availability and security than Wi-Fi. Li-Fi uses visible light instead of Gigahertz radio waves for data transfer.


Wi-Fi, Gi-Fi, Li-Fi, Bluetooth

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