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Machine Learning Model based Cyber Security using Behavioral Analysis

Qian Chen, Joseph Bonneau


The considerable number of articles cover machine learning for cybersecurity and the ability to protect us from cyberattacks. Still, it’s important to scrutinize how actually Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) can help in cybersecurity right now, and what this hype is all about. One of the most common causes for cyber-attacks is owed to the intruder. So enhanced the process of security by avoiding intrusion at various levels of the layers in the network system, the help of artificial intelligence is utilized. The main objective of the paper is to create a program that can defend itself from various network attacks and intrusion detection. This situation can be handled by applying methods of artificial intelligence that provide flexibility and learning capability to software. Our conclusions are based on an extensive review of the literature as well as on experiments performed on real enterprise systems and network traffic.


Cyber Attacks, Intrusion Detection, Artificial Intelligence.

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