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Enhancing Security and Qos Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

E. Mohanraj, Dr.K. Duraiswamy


To provide an efficient QoS routing communication in MANET in a secure way, we implement an enhancing security and QoS routing in MANET by adapting optimization technique of Ant Colony Optimization with Fairness Index and the security of MANET for data communication is achieved by using Group Key management with self assessment key. This stimulates us to consider both security and QoS routing together in ad hoc scenario for both routing and message/data communication. To improve the secure data communication in MANET, we present a routing based data security using group key management based on self assessment key. The nodes in the network will creates its own key (self assessment key) based on the group which has maintains its unique key before it has been joined into the network for data communication security to recover the node reputation on receiving the data or sending the data to and from other mobile nodes. An experimental evaluation is done to estimate the performance of the proposed enhancing security and QoS routing using group self assessment key [ESQR] in MANET in terms of energy, throughput, and network lifetime.


MANET, Security, QoS Routing, Group Self Assessment Key, Fairness Index, Data Communication

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