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Wireless Mesh Networks Quality of Service — A Survey

A. Narayana Rao, Dr.Ch.D.V. SubbaRao


The paper deals with the Quality of Service (QOS) issues in Wireless Mesh Networks. Several real time implementations of Wireless Mesh Networks have been taken in to account and QOS of all are analyzed and validated for its quality. When compared to other traditional computer networks WMN, lacks quality, in terms of performance. The best way to improve the quality of service is to analyze and review each of the components that aid the working of wireless mesh networks. The paper also presents certain solutions and suggestion for improving the quality. In implementation of WMNs factors like delay, capacity, coverage and design principles of routing protocols that plays a vital role in the working of WMN are taken in to account. Each of the above factors has a trade-off and which influences the overall working of the WMN. For improving performance of QOS, traffic also to be taken into consideration. This paper influences the ways to develop algorithms for sustaining QOS. Therefore the present survey is essential to tackle the challenge of enabling QOS in WMNs.


Wireless Mesh Networks, QOS, Performance and Quality

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