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Secure Data Transmission Using Cloud Computing

Trinath Naralasetty, K. Eswar


There is tension between user data protection and rich computation in the cloud. Users want to maintain control of their data, but also want to benefit from rich services provided by application developers using that data. At present, there is little platform-level support and standardization for verifiable data protection in the cloud. On the other hand, user data protection while enabling rich computation is challenging. It requires specialized expertise and a lot of resources to build, which may not be readily available to most application developers. We argue that it is highly valuable to build in data protection solutions at the platform layer We propose a new cloud computing paradigm, data protection as a service (DPaaS) is a suite of security primitives offered by a cloud platform, which enforces data security and privacy and offers evidence of privacy to data owners, even in the presence of potentially compromised or malicious applications. Such as secure data using encryption, logging, key management.


Encryption, Logging, Key Management, CSP, ACL, FDE, FHE.

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