Vol 3, No 16 (2011)

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Enhancement of Security in VoIP using Modified Shamir’s Secret Sharing and Multipath Routing PDF
D. Saravana Kumar, N. Ananthi, A. Jasmine Antony Raj 1110-1115
Implementation of Data Link Layer Protocol Using NS 2 PDF
Pragati Patil, B.N. Jagdale 1116-1118
Survey on Signal Scrambling PAPR Reduction Techniques with Explicit Side Information in OFDM PDF
Karuna A. Mahajan, Rina S. Parikh, Amit C. Raval 1119-1125
A Hybrid Multi-User Detector for CDMA Systems PDF
M. Ranga Rao, Dr. B. Prabhakara Rao 1126-1133
A Review on Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) Security Issues: Its Vulnerabilities and Solutions PDF
Arun Malik, Sanjeev Kumar 1134-1137
Review of Link Availability Prediction Techniques for MANET PDF
V. Thilagavathe, Dr. K. Duraiswamy 1138-1140
Peer to Peer Resource Sharing in Wireless Mesh Networks PDF
R. Gnanakumaran 1141-1144
A QoS-Oriented Effective Energy Conservation for IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMax Networks PDF
Kanaga Suba Raja, Dr. T. Jeba Rajan, D.C. Joy Winnie Wise, M. Vivekanandan, V. Balaji 1145-1150
Improved Ad-hoc Network Using Ant based Protocol and Threshold Signal PDF
Sumit Sharma, Vikas Juneja 1151-1154
Multiple Channels Utilization in Collision Free MAC Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks PDF
M.Saleem Babu, S. Koteeswaran, P. Visu, E. Kannan 1155-1159
A New Random 2ACK Technique for Detection of Selfish Nodes in a Mobile Ad-Hoc Network PDF
E. Kannan, Resmi R. Nair, P. Visu, S. Koteeswaran 1160-1164

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