Vol 3, No 11 (2011)

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Intrusion Detection System with Dynamic Training Model PDF
J. Arokia Renjit, Dr.K.L. Shunmuganathan 772-777
Hop Count Based Performance Evaluation of On-Demand MANET Routing Protocols PDF
Guresh Pal Singh, Dr. Amarpal Singh 778-784
Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks: A Comparative Study PDF
Vishnu Kumar Sharma, Dr. Sarita Singh Bhadauria 785-792
Free Space Optics Performance, Issues and Applications PDF
N. Sangeetha, Dr. A. Brintha Therese, G. Aarthi 793-796
Impact of Generator Polynomial on Performance of MAP Turbo Decoder in AWGN Channel PDF
S.V. Viraktamath, Dr. Girish V, Attimarad Attimarad, Praveen M. Purohit, Shweta S. Kulkarni, Suhas Kulkarni 797-801
Generating Packet Drop Misbehavior in Routing of Mobile Ad Hoc Network PDF
Maniar Sweety 802-806
Design and Analysis of Five Port Architecture in Software Defined Radio PDF
K.V. Karthikeyan, N. Vasudevan 807-810
Performance Comparison of Selected Diversity Relaying Techniques in Wireless Ad-hoc Network for Equidistance Geometry PDF
Manisha Sharma, Amit Kumar Garg 811-815
A Threshold-Based Method to Detect Selfish Nodes in MANET PDF
Ranbir Singh, Seema Baghla, Navjot Kaur 816-820
Analysis of Power-Aware and Stability Based On-Demand Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Network PDF
K. Kavitha, Dr. K. Selvakumar, P. Gokila 821-827
Vertical Handoffs in Wireless Heterogeneous Network PDF
Rajashri P. Sonar, Srija Unnikrishnan 828-835
Shorten Pulse Position Modulation for Underwater Wireless Optical Communications PDF
M. Saravanakumar, S. Sarala, A. Sivagami 836-843

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