Vol 4, No 13 (2012)

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Lossless Compression of 3D Medical Images Using its Symmetry PDF
Mayuri Y. Thorat, V.K. Bairagi 680-684
Diagnosis of Diabetic Retenopathy using Blood Vessel Segmentation and Pattern Recognition Techniques PDF
M. Saraswathi, G. Kannan 685-689
An Embedded Digital Image Processing System using Blackfin 548 DSP PDF
S. Mahesh Kumar, Anitha Julian 690-693
CBIR using Relevance Feedback Retrieval System PDF
S. Vaishnavi 694-698
Efficient Segmentation of Liver Image using Spatial FCM with Level Sets enhanced by Mumford-Shah Approach PDF
J. Bhuvaneswari 699-702
Improved Steganography using MSP Method Combined with Visual Cryptography for Secure Application PDF
S. Premkumar, A.E. Narayanan 703-706
Classification and Detection of Abnormal Human Activity in Video Surveillance Based on SPATIO-Temporal Features PDF
P. Karpagavalli, V.G. Janani, Dr.A.V. Ramprasad 707-716
Detecting and Counting Pedestrians in a Crowded Environment Using ROI Mask in a Video PDF
P. Karpagavalli, T. Saranyaa, Dr.A.V. Ramprasad 717-725
Binary Logo Watermarking based on Multiresolution SVD PDF
Sujata Swarnalipi, Swanirbhar Majumder, Tirtha Sankar Das, Subir Kumar Sarkar 726-728
Segmention of Optic Disk from Fundus Images PDF
B. Gayathri Devi, Dr.R. Balasubramanian 729-731
Empirical Evaluation of Particle Filtering and Non Local Mean Method Image Reconstruction Techniques PDF
B. Shunmuga Priya, A. Suruliandi 732-738

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