Vol 4, No 1 (2012)

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Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in the Organization PDF
Dr. C. Muthuvelayutham, T. Sugantha Lakshmi 1-4
An Enhanced Method for Efficient Information Retrieval from Resume Documents using SPARQL PDF
P. Sheba Alice, A.M. Abirami, Dr. A. Askarunisa 5-10
An Intelligent Search Engine for Extracting Documents Relevant to Poorly Defined Criteria PDF
Magda B. Fayek, Hatem M. El-Boghdadi, Mohamed A. Gawad 11-16
Multiscale Segmentation for Mixed Raster Content Applicable to Document Coding PDF
S. Amutha, V. Ponraj 17-25
Efficient Query Result Navigation Using Top down Navigation Model PDF
R. Saranya, B. Arunkumar 26-30
Association Rule - Spatial Data Mining Approach for Geo-Referenced in Crime to Crime Analysis PDF
A. Thangavelu, S.R. Sathyaraj, R. Sridhar, S. Balasubramanian 31-36
Analysis of the Depth First Search Algorithms PDF
Navneet Kaur, Deepak Garg 37-41
Key Word Based Word Sense Extraction in a Index for Text Files: Design Approach PDF
Shahana Bano, Dr.K. Raja Sekhara Rao, M. Sai Sandeep 42-46
An Analysis on Beta Thalassemia Major Patients through the Techniques of Data Clustering PDF
P.D. Siji, Dr. Vasantha Kalyani David 47-50
A Study on the Relationships between Emotional Quotients (EI), Stress and Multimedia 3D Animations PDF
B. Senthil Kumar 51-57

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