Vol 11, No 2 (2019)

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Cyberbully Image and Text Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks PDF
S. V. Drishya, S. Saranya, J. I. Sheeba, S. Pradeep Devaneyan 25-30
Automatic Number Plate Recognition and Toll Collection PDF
T. Anandaselvakarthik, K. Kalaiselvi, K. Priyadharshini, A. N. Priyanka, S. Priyanka 31-33
Comparative Design Analysis of Full Adder Logic Using Microwind PDF
T. Muruga Boopathi, S. Ragu Nandhini, I. Ram Vikas, M. Sri Deepika, S. Karthikeyan 34-37
Safety Precautions for Driving PDF
M. Kowshike, Srimathi Srimathi, K. Nanthini, Thulasiviswanathan Thulasiviswanathan 38-39
An Inspired Error Correction Codes for Multiple-Cell Upsets and Its Applications PDF
S. Midhuna Chandran, K. Nandhini, M. Nazrin Banu, P. Pavithra 40-44

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