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Comparison of M/M/1 and M/M(A,B)/1 Markov Models Using Matlab to Find Performance of Wired and Wireless Technologies in Client Server Applications by Applying Cryptography and Steganography

V. B. Kirubanand, Dr. S. Palaniammal


The main theme of this paper is to derive the performance of the Hub, Switch,Bluetooth,Wi-Fi and Wimax technology using the Queueing Petri-net model and the Markov model with applying of RSA and Algorithm. This paper mainly focuses on comparison of M/M/1 AND M/M(a,b)/1 using mat lab to find performance on wired and wireless technologies in terms of service rate, arrival rate, Expected waiting time and Busy period. When comparing the service rates from the Hub network, switch network, the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Wimax technology. Wimax technology it has been found that the arrival rate, service rate, Expected waiting time and Busy period is very efficient in M/M (a, b)/1 for implementation. The values obtained from the Wimax technology can use for calculating the performance of other wireless technologies. QPNs facilitate  the  integration  of  both  hardware  and software  aspects  of  the  system  behavior  in  the improved  model.  The purpose of Cryptography is to send the secured information from one system to another through the Wimax technology with security measures. Steganography is the art of hiding information in images, sounds or any other file format than the routine format. Queueing Petri Nets   are   very   powerful as   a   performance analysis and prediction tool. By demonstrating the power of QPNs as a modeling paradigm in further fore coming technologies we hope to motivate further research in this area. 


Client Server, Hub, Switch, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Queueing Petri-nets, Markov algorithm, , RSA

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