Vol 6, No 4 (2014)

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Risk-Aware Approach for Handling Routing Attacks And Selfishness using RBNC in MANET PDF
P. Hemavathy, Kanmani Govindaraj, Karthika Kothandam 139-144
A Collusion-Resistant Acknowledgement-based Scheme for Mitigation of Packet Drop in MANETs PDF
G.D. Anjaly, J.C. Kavitha 145-149
GF (2m) Based Low Complexity Multiplier for Elliptic Curve Cryptography Systems PDF
K. Rajadurga, S. Ram Kumar 150-155
A Comparison of Data Replication Schemes to Achieve an Optimum Query Delay and Efficient Data Access in MANETs PDF
Joslin Anie Abraham, Dr. C.D. Suriyakala 156-160
Effect of Propagation Models on Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols PDF
K. B. Wane, A. D. Bhoi, Dr. R. D. Kharadkar, Dr. A. Y. Deshmukh 161-165
Efficient Authentication and Security of Multicast Streams over Lossy Channels Using Quantum Cryptography PDF
D. Pavithra, S. Anitha 166-169
Novel Multicast Key Authentication Protocol PDF
S. Sasikala Devi, Dr.Antony Selvadoss Thanamani 170-173

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