Vol 7, No 5 (2015)

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CAD for Voyage Data Recorder Training Simulator PDF
Mohamed Saad Zaghloul 169-174
Block based Data Encryption and Decryption using Number System Logic PDF
Ayan Banerjee, Dr. Pranam Paul 175-180
Cryptographic Algorithm Based on Triangular Form PDF
Subhankar Ghosh, Dr. Pranam Paul 181-185
An Approach to Block Ciphering Using Root of Perfect Square Number PDF
Shibaranjan Bhattacharyya, Dr. Pranam Paul 186-192
Block Based Data Encryption and Decryption Using the Distance between Prime Numbers PDF
Moinak Chowdhury, Dr. Pranam Paul 193-199
Block Cipher Encryption based on Random Substitution PDF
Amit Roy, Dr. Pranam Paul 200-205
Development of Optimum Steganography System Using Edge Detection and LSB Technique on FPGA PDF
Madhurima R. Bodhale, P. C. Bhaskar 206-211
Block based Cryptographic Protocol with Arithmetic Operations PDF
Rajat Kumar Das, Dr. Pranam Paul 212-215
Enhancement of Concealed Data Aggregation for Multiple Applications to Prevent Vulnerabilities in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Bharat Bhushan, G. Sahoo 216-223
Improved Congestion Control for Packet Switched Networks and the Web Servers PDF
G. Thilip Kumar, Dr. R. Balasubramanian 224-227
Literature Survey on Network Traffic Management in Software Defined Networking PDF
Sachin A. Vanjari 228-229
A Survey on Cross-Layer Design in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Gunmun Goyal, P. Khandnor 230-235
A Comprehensive Study of Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Sharanjeet Kaur 236-241
A Comparative Analysis of Energy Efficient SP-LEACH and Classical LEACH Protocols of WSNs PDF
P. Naveen Kumar, D.S. Anil Kumar, C.V. Sujana, A V. Sumanth 242-246

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