Vol 2, No 9 (2010)

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The Design to Avoid Data Inconsistency in Mobile Networks PDF
I. Brem Navas, N. Aiyyappan, B. Poorna 253-256
Role of Probabilistic Packet Marking Mechanism in Large Scale IP Trace Backs PDF
K. Venkatesh Sharma, A.Lakshmi kanth, M. Dheeraj 257-266
Reducing Routing Overhead in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks using EBGR Algorithm PDF
K. Prasanth, Dr.K. Duraiswamy 267-275
Improving the Performance of IEEE 802.11e using A Dynamic Adaptation Approach PDF
Yasser A. Dahab, Hesham N. El Mahdy, Iman A. Saroit 276-280
Review of UMTS/WLAN Integration Techniques for Next Generation Networks PDF
Sibaram Khara 281-291
Source Localization Techniques for UWB Context Aware Applications PDF
O. Ravi Kumar, G. Pradeep Reddy, Gerardine Immaculate Mary 292-296
Analysis of Performance of MAC Based Iterative MUD Using EXIT and BER Charts PDF
Archana R Kulkarni, Dr. Andhe Pallavi 297-303
Rate Allocation and Network Lifetime Problems for Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
K. Venkatesh Sharma, K. Hanumantha Rao, S. Rajendra Prasad 304-317
Analysis of Relativistic Error Effect on the GPS Time and the Receiver Position Accuracy PDF
V. Venkata Rao, G. Sasibhushana Rao, M. Madhavi Latha, Y. Ravi Kumar, K. V. N. M. Prasad 318-324
The Impact of Mobility and Node Density on MANET Routing Protocols PDF
S. Deepa, Dr. Kadhar Nawaz 325-328

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