Vol 3, No 15 (2011)

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A Survey of Green Computing PDF
G. Deepak 954-957
Network Management Systems Simulation PDF
Dr. G.S. Nagaraja, Tabrez Zahoor 958-962
Resource Reservation in Private Cloud PDF
Bharti Ainapure, Ajinkya L. Pawar, Laxman C. Kumbhakar, Virendra C. Oswal, Nikhil S. Tarale 963-967
Data Storage on Clients for Implementation of Network RAID PDF
Ankit Parekh, Anuya Welling, Pallak Jhawar, Pratik Munot, Amit Savyanavar 968-971
Service Driven Query Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
V. Vanitha, Dr.V. Palanisamy, Dr.K. Baskaran 972-977
A Short Survey on Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks PDF
M. Sunitha, B. Babitha, J. Samatha 978-987
Design and Optimization via Graphical Optimization Method of an Injection-Locked Frequency Divider in 0.35 µm Process PDF
T. Chtioui, D. Ben Issa, A. Fakhfakh, M. Samet 988-994
A Narrative Loom to Secured Strewn Assorted Milieu in Network Architecture PDF
P. Visu, E. Kannan, S. Koteeswaran, N. Pughazendi 995-998
Survey of Routing Protocols and Attacks for Mobile Ad hoc Networks PDF
Dr.L.S. Jayashree, I. Kala 999-1002

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