Vol 7, No 3 (2015)

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An Improved Focussed Web Crawler Algorithm: A Survey PDF
Rachna Singh Thakur, Dr. Pragya Shukla, Nilima Karankar 85-88
Stress and Performance Testing of Cloud Infrastructure PDF
Deversh Kumar Srivastava, Shivam Jain 89-94
Block based Cryptographic Protocol using Sequence of Rearrangement of Points PDF
Rajat Kumar Das, Dr. Pranam Paul 95-98
Implementing the Information Security using Factors of Number PDF
Gopinath Mukherjee, Dr. Pranam Paul 99-102
Comparison of Performance Metrics of Reactive Routing Protocol Using FTP PDF
Abida Parveen, Paramjit Singh 103-108
A Very Robust Dedicated and Verified Technique by Applying the Hybridity of Cloud for Deduplication of Data PDF
Aishwarya Shekhar, Devesh Kumar Srivastava 109-113
A Survey of Energy Efficient Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Computing PDF
Himalay Pandya, Jignesh Lakhani 114-117
Efficient Data Sharing In Cloud Medium with Key Aggregate Cryptosystem PDF
A. Shakila Banu 118-121

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