Vol 7, No 6 (2015)

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Design of 64x64 Bit Parity Preserving Reversible Vedic Multiplier Using Carry Look Ahead Adder PDF
Akansha Sahu, Anil Kumar Sahu 247-254
Secure Socket Layer and its Security Analysis PDF
Deepika Bansal, Priya Sethi, Shipra Kataria 255-259
DomainKeys Identified Mail PDF
Shipra Kataria, Deepika Bansal, Priya  Sethi 260-264
Visual Cryptography PDF
Priya Sethi, Shipra Kataria, Deepika Bansal 265-268
Performance Evaluation of AODV and DSDV Routing Protocols in Self Organizing Architecture PDF
Ruby Bhagat, Nitika Chowdhary, Jyoteesh Malhotra 269-272
An Efficient Transmission of Data in MANET using Position Based Opportunistic Routing Protocol PDF
P. Kalaivani, S. Niveda, P. Nanthini 273-275
Authenticated Anonymous Secure Routing for Mobile Adhoc Networks PDF
K. Geetha Nandhini, A. Anu Priya, C. Kiruthika, B. Deepa 276-279
HONEYPOT: Network Security PDF
A. Dayana, S. Saranya, B. Geethamani, R. Kashturi 280-282
Bilinear Aggregate Signature and PDP Encryption in Audit Service for Cloud Storage PDF
B. Premkumar, R.S. Ponmagal 283-286

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